Our Club

Frankston RSL Club is a club like no other Victorian based RSL. This vibrant club at the gateway to the peninsula is a great place to relax and meet friends, enjoy exciting live entertainment, or experience fine cuisine. Families are always welcome and we cater for childrens’ needs. Because of this, Frankston RSL upholds its reputation as one of Victoria’s leading RSL clubs.

Our Mission

At Frankston RSL our mission is to:

  • provide gracious hospitality
  • communicate effectively at all levels
  • deliver relevant welfare
  • positively impact our community

Our Guiding Principles

We put to work every day:

  • grace under pressure
  • be nice – nice people like dealing with nice people
  • teaming with each other – across the whole business
  • high standards – in everything we do
  • consistency – across all services

Our Vision

We will try to be at all times:

  • first and best at everything we do
  • vibrant and active community hub
  • provide modern relevant veteran care
  • financially secure


Frankston RSL has a wide range of jobs to suit all personalities. There are many areas within our business that have employment opportunities, for this using resources as online police clearance wa to give a check to the employees prospects, some of the opportunities include:

  • administration
  • kitchen
  • food & beverage
  • functions
  • gaming

Why Choose Frankston RSL Benefits

At Frankston RSL, we’re always on the look out for people who are willing to take the initiative and are driven to succeed. Our employees work hard to achieve the club’s goals and objectives and enjoy a number of benefits which include:

  • free parking
  • excellent staff facilities
  • flexible hours
  • on-the-job training
  • weekly pay by direct banking
  • training to cover all legislations
  • traineeships for part time and full time employees
  • uniform
  • safe work environment

and most importantly to be part of a team that is dedicated, bright, engaging fun and a place where you will find many opportunities to build an exciting career.


If working for Frankston RSL is something you think you’d like to do, then please send us your resume or CV to we keep all applications for three months and it’s the first place we look when we need to recruit.

As positions become available we’ll search those we have on file that are best suited to our vacant roles. We will then contact you to arrange an interview. Don’t despair if no roles are available at the time you apply, you never know when a new one will pop up.