Appeals & Commemoration Days

Commemoration Days

REMEMBRANCE DAY – 11th November

Commemorates the end of World War I on 11 November 1918.

Due to the current pandemic crisis, our usual Remembrance Day services cannot be held this year.  We are asking all  to still observe this day and #remebertoremeber by tuning into the Shrine of Remembrance Live Stream of their service being held at 10:45am on Wednesday 11th November

The Annual Poppy Appeal is also currently running. We have some volunteers out in our local area selling poppies at Karingal Hub, Langwarrin Plaza and the The Gateway Shopping Centre in Langwarrin.

If you would be interested in donating some of your time to help sell poppies, please contact Peter Kerley on 0450 568 138.


Vietnam Veterans Day (Long Tan Day) Tuesday 18th August 2020

Vietnam Veterans Day is commemorated on the 18th August each year. Formally known as Long Tan Day, in commemoration of the men of D Company, 6 RAR. 108 Australian and New Zealand Service men fought against over 2,000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong, in a rubber plantation in the small village of Long Tan. The battle lasted 4 hours in torrential rains. After almost being overrun, a timely ammunition restocks and the arrival of reinforcements allowed the Australian troops to prevail. 18 died and 24 were injured in what was the highest casualty operation since they had arrived in Vietnam.

On the 3rd anniversary of the battle, in 1969, the men of 6RAR erected a white cross on the battle site to commemorate their fallen comrades. From this day, the 18th August was known as Long Tan Day. Over the years that followed, the day was adopted by all Vietnam Veterans as a day to commemorate the fallen.

In 1987, after a successful ‘Welcome Home’ parade for Vietnam Veterans, then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, announced that Long Tan Day would now be known as Vietnam Veterans Day.

Since then, is has been a day on which the services of all the men and women who served in Vietnam are remembered.

As with all commemoration days this year, the usual Vietnam Veterans Day services are not able to be held as they usually would. However, RSL Vic along with the Shrine of Remembrance, will be live streaming the private service from the shrine, on the Shrine’s Facebook page from 11am Tuesday 18th August, 2020.

Click here to view the Shrine of Remembrance Facebook page.



Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII.

On Saturday 15th August, 2020, we will commemorate the day victory was declared in the Pacific, thus signalling the end of the Second World War.

As a nation we will stand together to remember the sacrifice of the some 39,000 men and women who died protecting our country during the War.

Frankston RSL Sub-Brach is proud to have 72 returned service men and women who served in the Australian Defense Force during the Second World War.

We would like to honour and thank the follow Frankston RSL Members for their service to our country;
Gordon Ahyee
Alfred   Akam
Glenn    Allen
Annie    Allen nee Bartlett
John      Anderson
Maxwell Anderson
Margaret Anson nee Ellis
Ronald  Bailey
Bill          Beiers
Brian      Borradale
William Bouker
Pat         Bracken nee Mclean
Colin      Burge
Raymond Buzza
Robert  Charlesworth
Maxwell Cleaveley
Harry     Cole
Geoffrey Conacher
Buzz       Cousins
Peggy    Davidson nee   Jones
Leslie     Evans
Leslie     Finlayson
Anthony Fizelle
Maxwell Fowler
Wallace Fysh
Geoff    Garnham
Stewart Gavin
Edward Gill
Lorna     Grant nee Baillie
Albert   Griffin
John      Hair
Peter     Haythorpe
Douglas Higgins
Coral      Hinds nee Osborne
George Hodge
Richard Howland
Thelma John nee Wallis
Richard Johnson
David     Johnston
Joyce     Jones nee Morgan
Leo         Keam
James   Kerr
Katherine Kinniburgh nee Stewart
Ruth      Kirby nee Osborne
Irene     Lovick nee Lyons
William Lumley
Douglas Mackinnon
Ashley  Mason
Gordon Mclaughlin
Reece   Mcnulty
Harold   Miller
John      Mitchell
Francis  Morris
Norman Neil
James   Nielsen
Alan       Nuzum
Veronica O’neill nee Drinkwater
David     Owen
Phoebe Parker nee Clay
Alice      Price nee    Patterson
Ross       Pulling
Dorothy Randall nee Fullerton
Richard Reid Formerly:  Guatta
Beryle   Riley nee Hagger
Dorothy Rowe nee Hardman
John      Shrume
Colin      Sparks
Ronald  Stecum
William Stewart
Allan      Tabe
William Welsh
William Wight
In Addition to the above members, we believe that we have 40+ additional members who are Commonwealth or Allied Forces WWII Veterans at our club.

In recognition of this 75th Anniversary, the Department of Veteran Affairs have produce a Commemorative Medal that is available to all WWII Veterans, below is an exert from the DVA regarding these Medals & Certificate;

The medallion and certificate will be made available to every living veteran of the Second World War. While Australia can never repay the debt we owe almost one million Australians who served, this medallion and certificate are a small but meaningful way we can thank living veterans of the largest global conflict of the 20th century.

The obverse design will feature the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, wording of appreciation and identify by name theatres of war that saw the significant involvement of Australian Armed Forces. The medallion reverse design utilises the poppy as the central symbol surrounded by the wording of ‘Australia Remembers’ and the beginning and end years of the Second World War.

The medallion will be presented in a display case and will include a card that explains the design and contains a brief expression of thanks. The theatres of war detailed on the medallion are based on locations identified within the Commemorative Courtyard of the Australian War Memorial (AWM).

The design of the commemorative certificate will complement the medallion. The design includes the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, ‘Australia Remembers’ wording and the beginning and end year of 75 years of the anniversary: 1945-2020.

The certificate will be contained within its own folder that will allow for independent display, framing and mounting.

Applications can be made online or for those without access to the internet, by phone on 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372).

Watch RSL Victoria’s commemorative presentation:

To commemorate 75th anniversary of Victory in the Pacific, RSL Victoria has created a special online commemorative presentation. The presentation will be broadcast on RSL Victoria’s Facebook page from 11:20 am to midday on August 15. The presentation will focus on the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, acknowledging and thanking WWII veterans and will feature a formal address from Her Excellency, the Governor of Victoria, the Honourable Linda Dessau AC.



Can you help us in the lead up to ANZAC Day selling badges? If you can volunteer a few hours to help, please download the below form and either dro it into the Frankston RSL Reception, or email directly to our President, Kevin Hillier OAM at

ANZAC Badge Selling Volunteer Form

ANZAC Day – 25 April

Commemorates the landing at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915 – Australia’s National Day of Remembrance. Frankston RSL honour ANZAC Day with services held at Frankston War Memorial Beauty Park.

Dawn Service at 6am
March & Commemoration Service at 11am

We welcome everyone to attend either or both services and full details are provided in the lead up to ANZAC day.

Back at the Club from 12 noon-  The club opens at 12noon with the Bistro, and Members Bar are only open for service members, marchers, and their families, where a complimentary buffet lunch is served. Stars Gaming Lounge opens at 12noon to all Members & Guests.


‘VP’ Day – 15 August

Commemorates the end of World War 2 on 15 August 1945.

Vietnam Veterans – ‘Long Tan’ Day – 18 August

Commemorates Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War and the Battle of Long Tan on 18 August 1966.