We are a group of Frankston RSL members who gather on a monthly basis to join each other in a social game of golf.

The emphasis is on ‘social’ – we don’t play for sheep stations, but we do play according to the rules and etiquette of the Royal & Ancient game. Having said that, we do have golfers of all standards; from the “really quite good” all the way through to those enduring and patient souls to whom the intricacies of a good golf swing remain a dark and unfathomable mystery. Golf is a game which we all enjoy and many happy moments are experienced out on the course (along with the inevitable frustrating ones). Golfers like the good life, it’s not a sport for just anyone. Golfers are very refined so we brought you a list of luxury golf holidays, to enjoy with your friends.

Each game is normally followed by a lovely BBQ in which all playing and social members of the Golf Section are invited to join, and if you’re into golf, you can visit golf net to find the best equipment for this. The BBQ serves not only to announce the winners for the day; it is a great opportunity for us all to get together as a social group and to enjoy each others’ company – and better company you won’t find!

For more information, contact our Secretary Rob Witting on 0409 962 903