Committed to making a difference.

Our Sustainability Committee has been busy working on new initiatives to ensure the Frankston RSL is a sustainable business.

The Frankston RSL are committed to maximising the positive  outcomes and influence we can have on our people, community,  suppliers, customers and environment.

Our Sustainability Committee is continuing to address the Five Key Elements of Sustainability for the Frankston RSL (customer, team, community, environment, business), and will work together to research ways in which our organisation can be more sustainable.


The Sustainability Committee welcomed our new herb and vegetable garden in 2016, situated outside our Cracked Pepper kitchen. The main focus of this garden is to provide vegetables and herbs for our Cracked Pepper restaurant, giving our dishes a fresh touch.


With the relocation of our bowls section to Seaford, which enabled us to provide an extension to our car park, we were in a position to donate some of our synthetic turf to Ballam Park Primary School. The school made excellent use of the turf in providing a safe surface in their outdoor playing area.